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I am a copywriter/copy editor at a public relations agency in Hong Kong (find me on LinkedIn here). Over the past decade, I have worked as a journalist covering private equity and venture capital activity in Asia, wrote about prosaic corporate finance matters relevant to CFOs in Singapore and Hong Kong and reported on sporting events across Southeast Asia. 

Since I left India in 2000 (I have lived in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong), I have developed a global perspective yet I have strong networks across Asia – a region that I continue to learn more about everyday.

Some of my current work

  • I helped a senior Investor Relations professional respond to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, The ESG Mirage, with How the pursuit of a better ESG rating drove ENN Energy forward

  • I am currently helping a Cambodia-based communications executive and LinkedIn Creator come up with 5 posts per week that regularly reach more than 2,000 impressions 
  • I have helped write compelling sponsored articles after scouring through quarterly, annual and ESG reports for Ping An Health, China’s leading healthcare platform  

  • I have written social media posts, press releases, speeches, suggested responses for press interviews, helped improve countless slide decks, penned award-winning essays and more for 20+ clients across the Greater China region  

Some of my past work

  • I was a staff writer at Asian Venture Capital Journal, a leading news platform and conference organizer for Asia’s private equity sector, where I wrote 300 articles in just over 150 days interviewing more than 140 people in nearly eight months 

  • Some of the articles I wrote focused on a wide variety of topics such as how a Chinese VC transplanted itself to Kuala Lumpur, how the Sino-India technology split arose out of misinformation and could ultimately see Indian start-ups lose a lot of value-additive capital and analysed the ambitious gameplan for Facebook-backed Jio Platforms

I have written for Corporate Treasurer, Quartz, Hong Kong Free Press and Fox Sports Asia. In 2015, I went back home, backpacked for nearly a year and then set up the corporate communications department at an Indian P2P start-up managing a team of seven individuals. I believe I am a kind, helpful and hardworking individual who elevates teams. 

I studied economics at the National University of Singapore and I completed a master’s programme in journalism at the University of Hong Kong.  

I speak English, Hindi, Tulu, Kannada and a smattering of Chinese and Indonesian. I would like to learn Cantonese and Chinese in the coming decade. 

In the past, I was a storyteller in Hong Kong and I was also a screenwriter and executive producer at an indie production house in Singapore. 

Get in touch

Please do connect with me on  LinkedIn for any further queries